Episode 4:

What are you waiting for? | Interview w/
Bob Dalton

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Ep.4 What are you waiting for? | Interview w/ Bob Dalton

In this episode Ira talks with Bob Dalton, the founder of the purpose driven business “Sackcloth & Ashes.” Bob talks about how his mother's journey through homelessness affected him so much that he made a bold decision to dedicate his life to that cause specifically. Bob talks about the major impact and success the company has had since its inception and the struggles he faced trying to do something bigger than himself to impact lives.

Ira and Bob talk about how to succeed in your Purpose Driven Business even if you realize that you don’t personally have the skills to make the products and services that you need to sell in order to move the dream forward.  Bob and his company Sackcloth & Ashes are on a mission to give away one free warm blanket to a homeless person in need for every custom blanket they sell. 

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