Episode 2:

God-Sized Dreams & Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship

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Ep 2: God-Sized Dreams & Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship

In this episode Ira breaks down the words God-Sized Dreams and Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship. These two words are very critical in understanding the philosophy of DreamDiving. Ira breaks down each word and teaches how these words apply to people who want to turn their purpose into a transformational business that will allow you to live your life while fulfilling your purpose (instead of picking one or the other).

In this episode Ira also breaks down the difference between goals/task and God-Sized Dreams. He also talks about the pros and the cons of having a God-Sized Dream and how they affect your life.

If you feel in your heart that you were born to do something bigger and more purposefully than this is an episode that you must listen to in preparation for your DreamDivers journey.

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