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Episode 15

Don't Play it Safe w/ Frank Fiume II

The DreamDivers Podcast Episode 7

Ep.15: Don't Play it Safe w/ Frank Fiume II

In this episode Ira interviews Frank Fiume. Frank is an author and the Founder of the purpose driven business i9 Sports, a youth sports league that has helped over 2 million kids in 900 communities across the country succeed in life through sports. Frank talks candidly about his journey of walking away from a highly lucrative career in medical sales, distancing himself from the life his father wanted him to have, moving away from the city that he was born in and comfortable in, to discovering his purpose and unlocking a dream that was bigger than himself to serve and to impact the lives of families nationwide. Frank talks about how diving head first into his dreams and cutting the safety nets and getting rid of the “Plan B’s” ultimately led to a massively impactful business that was rooted in his purpose and which has made over 300 million dollars, led to a successful business exit, and the launch of his new book “Running with my Head Down”. This is an episode that you want to listen to until the end.

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