Do you feel an internal shift prompting you to create something or to become someone who impacts the world?

Have you been desperately longing for a powerful, enthusiastic, purpose driven, faith based coach to help pull the greatness out of you? 

Are you ready to change, transform, and become the person that you were always created to be?

Are you ready to leave behind your old mindset of mediocrity, safety nets, and comfort zones?

Are you ready to go deep within yourself to find the greatest parts of who you are and share them with the world?

Are you ready to unlock and dive for a dream that is bigger than you?

Then coaching with Ira Davis is for you!

If you are a person who is tired of living stuck and unfulfilled and you know in your heart that you were born to do something bigger, more purposeful, and legendary then this is the perfect  opportunity for you.


If you already know what you were born to do to impact the world and you're ready to feed and fuel the dream so that you can take your business or career to the maximum level then this is the perfect coaching opportunity for you. .



It’s called The Made for More Coaching Series.

I am going to personally get on a virtual group coaching call with you every Sunday night to encourage you and to coach you on these key areas in order to help you grow:

  • Purpose
  • God-Sized Dreams
  • Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Faith
  • Overcoming Fear
  • How to become legendary
  • DreamDiver DNA
  • The DreamDiver Mindset
  • How to create what no one else can
  • How to make bold decisions even when it doesn’t make sense
  • And so much more

This coaching program is specifically designed for people like you who are at the beginning of their transformational journey or for the DreamDiver who wants a weekly dose of inspiration and encouragement to help them grow.

Ira is going to guide you through the DreamDivers Process

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Ira helps you discover your purpose and unlock your dreams so that you can say "Yes" to the assignment for your life.


Ira helps you build your mind and your spirit while also working with you to develop a strategic plan to accomplish your Purpose and Dreams.


When the time comes for action and execution Ira will be there to help you dive for your dreams.


Ira will be there to support you and to make sure that you achieve your goal(s) of impacting lives. 

Coaching with Ira consists of:









The DreamDiver Apprenticeship Will Help You...

Discover your purpose

Unlock your dreams

Dive for your biggest dream yet

Start a purpose driven business

Accelerate the growth of your current purpose driven business

Transition from a job that you tolerate/hate to a career that inspires & fulfills you

Help you strengthen your faith & your relationship with God

Gain the confidence to do extraordinary things

Yes, I'm Ready!!


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"The DreamDiver Power Coaching calls are inspiring and motivational. It’s a community of amazing people who are encouraging one another through this process of Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship. Each week, Ira dives deep into your soul to help you take action toward your God-Sized Dream, all while helping you develop your faith as you prepare to go to 13,000 feet to dive for your dreams."

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"The weekly call with Ira Davis is like a high intensity spiritual cardio workout. It's the kind of accountability, insight and inspiration I need to push hard for the God-Sized dream in my life. I particularly love the way Ira puts his money where his mouth is and walks out his dream, a powerful example to follow."

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"Every week the calls inspire me to keep going. I have learned what my purpose in life is and I have learned who I am and what I'm meant to be. Now I don't let any obstacles get in my way. I have learned to dive for my dreams and my purpose and his coaching gives me the strength I need to keep going."

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"As a high performer, starting my week off with actionable inspiration and coaching from Ira is game changing in my life and business. The DreamDiver Power Coaching calls are focused and extremely powerful."

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"Ira’s coaching calls have been such a blessing to my life. It gives me the fuel I need to get through the week and it provides me with the chance to be connected with likeminded people who want to create something extraordinary and legendary to impact the world."

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"Ira's group coaching calls light my soul on fire. Connect with Ira Davis and he will fill you up. He brings business savvy, creativity, discipline to help people go after their God-Sized dreams. I am blessed to have him in my corner."

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"Our weekly coaching calls have been the focus, the accountability circle, and the push that I needed with like minded individuals, orchestrated by the best God centered coach there is."

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"Ira has helped me with his weekly calls personally and professionally within my coaching business! He is passionate about what he does and his service to others is his sole purpose in life! I fully recommend him to anyone who needs help finding the best version of yourself. Get started today!"

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Evangelia Leclaire

"Ira's group coaching calls light my soul on fire. Connect with Ira Davis and he will fill you up. He brings business savvy, creativity, discipline to help people go after their God-Sized dreams. I am blessed to have him in my corner."

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