About Us 

We are a transformational coaching company that helps Visionary Leaders and Aspiring World-Changers discover and pursue the greatest calling of their lives, so they can finally feel alive, launch world changing and innovative endeavors, and so they can maximize their potential and fulfill their destiny.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help Visionary Leaders and Aspiring World-Changers discover and pursue the greatest calling of their lives.

Our Dream

Our Dream is to create a worldwide movement and community of 300 million DreamDivers who are living a life of purpose and diving for their most audacious dreams, through our coaching, events, resources, and films.

Our Story

I’m just a guy who grew up being and feeling average, but who knew in my heart that I was born with a great calling … it took me a lifetime of wondering, conforming, and life shattering failures (in the midst of being a high performer, getting awards, promotions, and accolades in the wrong places) to discover what had been buried in me all along …. Now I get to Coach people all over the world to discover and pursue the greatest and the most important calling of their lives. Other than being a husband and a father, being your Dream Development Coach is my greatest honor. -Ira

It was two o’clock in the morning in the fall of 2014 when Ira accidentally landed on a skydiving video on the internet that took his breath away. Just a few short weeks prior, Ira had just found out that after 10 years of service that his career as a Marine and as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor was coming to an abrupt and unexpected end. He had no idea what he would do to provide for his young family, he had no clue what his purpose was, and he had just hit rock bottom.

What happened that morning was a divine encounter with God where he gave Ira specific instructions to use the analogy of skydiving to teach the world how to pursue a life of purpose and how to dive for their most audacious dreams to impact the world.

Now as a Dream Development Coach, Ira has dedicated his life to teaching and training Visionary Leaders and Aspiring World-Changers to discover and pursue the greatest calling of their lives.

Ira has become internationally known as a Faith multiplier, a Fear destroyer, and an architect of God-sized Dreams.

Through his coaching, speaking, skydiving, and filmmaking, Ira has helped 6-8 figure entrepreneurs & executives, NFL Hall of Famers, Grammy Award winning singers, Olympic athletes, and multiple Elite Organizations reach unprecedented levels of growth and transformation in their mission, vision, and calling.

Ira's faith in Jesus is his x-factor.

The DreamDiver Company is on a global mission to add value to the purpose driven Pioneers, Visionaries, and the World Changers of tomorrow.